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Below you'll find a few examples of the kind of results Om Marketing Group produces for our Platinum Partner clients.

Please note that certain details are left out for the privacy of our clients.

Also note that until July 2018, OMG was exclusively serving thought leaders, coaches, and consultants. The case studies below are all from creating results within this business model.
"Over $400K In Sales Last Quarter And 59% Revenue Growth This Year..."
Our partnership with Jeffrey Van Dyk has been a testament to the superior results that come from committed partnership...
We accomplished this level of growth by streamlining and focusing our efforts onto one high-end program that aligned with his vision, message, and ideal tribe.
Jeffrey Van Dyk's 'Tribal Marketing' Webinar Funnel
Just as importantly, we were able to do this because we've been willing to consistently attune to "what's true", and were able to walk away from other programs and efforts that were selling, but NOT attracting the ideal clients, or creating the ideal impact.
"Over $85,000 Cash In Last Month Plus Over $100K In Recurring Sales...Getting High End Leads For $8 Each!"
Our work with Derek Rydall was a multi-faceted approach...
For growing his high-ticket mastermind, we created a progression of content that would engage his tribe, lead them onto a call with our sales partners (yes, we can provide you with a fully functional in-house sales partnership as well), and into his mastermind.
We tailored the content to reflect Derek’s unique voice, and to be an eye catching visual for his audience on FaceBook.

We created a unique audio "waveform" image, that played a moving wave form bar while Derek delivered a signature training, right there in the ad...
By combining compelling, brand-consistent graphics, rich content, and the right funnel for driving phone applications...

We generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, with some of our phone conversations being generated for as little as $8 per call!
Derek's New High End Client Generation Funnel
Derek Rydall's minimal Facebook Ad with embedded audio 
Stats from just a few of training audio ads we ran to generate phone calls during this campaign.
"35% Of Event Attendees Converted Into a Year-Long Mastermind Program."
Working with Mark and Shannon Grainger, the power couple behind Big Impact, we focused on sharpening their marketing message to reach their ideal client more consistently...
By making subtle, yet targeted adjustments to their marketing message for "Big Impact Live", there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of their attendees.

They were more responsive, engaged, and ready to do the work...

In addition to making the event more high energy, focused, and meaningful...

We were able to convert 35% of their event attendees into a year long mastermind program.
"Over 2,340 Books Sold And 24,000 New Leads!"
If you’ve written or plan to write a book, this one’s for you...

In the span of a few months, we were able to drive 24,831 new leads into our funnel, selling 2340 books, with an average cart value of $22 - and a conversion rate of 9.4%. 
A book doesn’t only help by positioning you as an expert...

When you use it the right way, it becomes one of your best client and lead generation tools.
Derek's Free + Shipping Book Funnel Facebook Campaign that sold 2340 books with an average cart value of $22
A few of the stats from this funnel showing many of the purchases and costs per purchase.  With a $22 average cart value, we created a front end lead and sales machine to fuel his business and put his book in the hands of thousands of new buyers.
More Examples of Lead Generation
Here you'll see a campaign responsible for bringing in thousands of leads for as little as $0.59 per lead!  

What would it mean to your business to be able to do the same, literally on demand?
Below you'll find another example where we generated thousands of leads for just around $2 per lead... 

What would it mean for your business to have access to quality leads on demand?
"Created The Product Positioning and Marketing From Scratch... Over 100 Sales During the Initial Soft Launch..."
As a living, enlightened Yogic master from the Himalayas, Yogiraj is rather hard to put into a box...

That's why when their team came to us with a valuable technique ready to be shared with the world...

Trusting in us to market it with the integrity, truth, love, and authenticity it deserves.

We built the entire marketing platform, positioning in the marketplace, members section for delivering the product... 


Our course sold over 100 copies to a small list during a test launch, and more importantly, this master is able to share his wisdom with the world in an entirely new, and sustainable way... without having to travel.
Yogiraj's Emotional Healing course that immediately made over 100 sales from a soft launch.
Other images from Yogiraj's Sales Funnel
Social Media
On Social Media we sharpen and amplify your voice in the marketplace...

So you’re heard by more of your tribe, and heard more clearly.
We help you to grow your audience,

And get you more likes, shares, and engagement.

We give you the increased reach and VISIBILITY that allows you to make a scalable impact...

To get your work in the hands of more of those who need it.
Leverage Social Media
To Nurture Your Relationship With,
And Build Your Audience
"From Local Bhagavad Gita Classes To 40+ New Online Members Paying Monthly With Membership Funnels..."
Having spent over 40 years studying the Bhagavad Gita and over 25 years practicing as a monk in the ashram of Paramahansa Yogananda, Tom Kelly embodies the ethos of India’s rich spiritual legacy. 
We knew that his local Bhagavad Gita classes had the potential to expand. However, there was a subtlety and intimacy in the small class sizes of 15-30 attendees that brought out the best in the students and Tom alike. 
Yogi Tom's Gita Study Membership Funnel
Our solution? We worked closely with Tom to adapt his course to an online platform, paid by a monthly subscription. 
Right out the gate we were able to bring in 40 paying members at 39.95 per month. 

Tom’s online community continues to grow. 

Check out his inspirational work and illuminating presence at
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