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We help mission driven coaches, consultants, and service providers to clarify their message, scale their business, and deepen their impact.
Our Mission
Spreading Messages of Truth
Om Marketing Group exists to spread messages of Truth.

We believe that the evolution of human consciousness is the fastest path toward fixing many of humanity's current problems...

Which is why our team of marketing experts has services designed specifically for visionaries, messengers, and entrepreneurs who are here to empower others...

So their work can reach more people...

While their revenues consistently grow...

And their ideal life of meaningful, sustainable impact is realized at its full potential.
Our Services
TWO ways to play
The perfect first step on the journey...

A three-month container designed to help transformational coaches and consultants clarify their brand, grow their business, and deepen their impact.

With everything included to help you grow revenues to a consistent $10K - $30K per month or more.
For mission driven entrepreneurs already making an impact... 

A year-long mastermind with three immersive meetups... 

Designed to support you massively growing your businesses and yourself as a leader, without pushing or "grinding".

Who We Are
Meet The team
Noah Hammond TyrRell
Founder & CEO
Aspiring Yogi and serial entrepreneur... Noah spends his time either in meditation, with friends and loved ones, or creating platforms and systems for spreading messages of truth, love, and empowerment.
Lauren Croteau
Director of Operations
A tenacious problem solver and lover of all things geeky, Lauren is a bedrock of support to everyone in her life.  Whether it's tracking down the stars in the sky or a product pipeline error, Lauren's got it.
Lee Cholodenko
Director of Branding
Through branding Lee helps our clients communicate the core of their work in authentic and resonant ways.  In his free time Lee loves to follow his passions for cooking and teaching Paul Ferrini's transformational work.
Samantha TyrRell
Director of The Growth Team
Samantha’s mission is to infuse HEART back into business. She brings more than 20 years experience in high-end Enrollment and Heart Centered Sales Training . With proven success across a variety of industries, Samantha has generated millions of dollars in sales.
Graphic Designer
Neomi’s tech and intuitive talents capture the essence of our clients work, translating their message accurately into visual designs. Now living in Costa Rica, Neomi enjoys jungle meditations, yin yoga with energy healing and surfing the warm waves of the Pacific.
Josette Bailey
Operations Assistant
Josette is a Southern belle from the great state of Texas, with the boots and charm to prove it. She left the corporate world to run our projects and spread positivity.  In her "off time" - she's a mother of two, book nerd, student, and loves to dance.
Patricia Sweeney
Automation Specialist
Patricia is a marketing automation expert with a keen business mind that can take your business goals and morph them into a sophisticated automated process. She lives in Texas with her three children, two Siamese kitties, and loves to have new and amazing experiences as often as possible .

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